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AFI Movie Club: 365 Days of Watching Movies Together

One year ago today, Steven Spielberg welcomed you to the AFI Movie Club. It was a simple idea… something to do together while we were apart. We didn’t know at the time how important that would become.

In the last year, we watched 322 movies together.

We’ve had 156 friends help us introduce some of them!

You watched Pedro Pascal introduce THE MANDALORIAN 350,000 times!

We went behind the scenes 53 times!

You watched John McTiernan explain why DIE HARD is a Christmas movie 29,500 times!

We watched 261 moments from the AFI Archive!

You watched Chadwick Boseman talk about BLACK PANTHER 400,500 times!


We’ve learned over 1,500 facts about our favorite movies.
These ARRIVAL facts made quite an impression!

322 Movie Club picks, 156 special guest introductions, 53 exclusive “Behind the Scene” videos and 261 AFI Archive clips later, we’ve found a silver lining to an otherwise unimaginable moment in our world’s history. A moment that has challenged us on so many levels and reinforced the necessity of a story well told.

Thank you for joining a global audience of film fans, exploring new finds and old favorites.

365 days later, our promise has not changed. But together, we can do more. Please consider supporting AFI by making a tax-deductible donation today. AFI relies on people just like you, who do more than just enjoy a good story – you champion this iconic art form.


AFI has created a global, virtual gathering of those who love the movies. See all of the titles programmed for AFI Movie Club here. Each day’s film is accompanied by fun facts, family-friendly discussion points and material from the AFI Archive to enrich your viewing experience. Learn more in our FAQ section.

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To catch up on past AFI Movie Club selections, view the list here.

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