Omar Sharif Talks About His Career at AFI FEST Tribute – American Film Institute


Omar Sharif Talks About His Career at AFI FEST Tribute

Earlier this month, the world lost Omar Sharif, a one-of-a-kind actor who starred in such cinema classics as DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, FUNNY GIRL and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. The Egyptian-born Sharif’s career was one that spanned not only decadaes but also continents.

In 2003, AFI honored Sharif with a special Tribute at AFI FEST presented by Audi where the masterful actor spoke with distinguished journalist and former Paramount Pictures executive Peter Bart about working in Hollywood.

Below are two clips from that Tribute unearthed from the AFI Archive.

In the first clip, Sharif talks about his experience as a Hollywood outsider, explaining that even though he, at times, felt like “a man without a country,” he also “felt like the whole world was (his) country.”

In this second clip, Sharif tells a fun and funny story about how director William Wyler eventually cast him in FUNNY GIRL.


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