Omar Sharif – American Film Institute
Funny Girl Film Still - Barbra Streisand

FUNNY GIRL (1968) – AFI Movie Club

Featuring the talents of two AFI Life Achievement Award honorees – writer/director William Wyler and breakout star Barbra Streisand in her acclaimed feature debut – FUNNY GIRL (1968) was included on the American Film Institute’s lists of the greatest movie musicals and cinema’s greatest romances. The film additionally counts a quote among the most memorable...
Doctor Zhivago Film Still - Julie Christie and Omar Sharif

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (1965) – AFI Movie Club

A sweeping epic chronicling Russian life from Imperialism through the October Revolution, civil war and Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (1965) was directed by AFI Life Achievement Award honoree David Lean and was included among the American Film Institute’s accounting of the greatest movies of all time, as well as among cinema’s greatest romances....

Omar Sharif Talks About His Career at AFI FEST Tribute

Earlier this month, the world lost Omar Sharif, a one-of-a-kind actor who starred in such cinema classics as DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, FUNNY GIRL and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. The Egyptian-born Sharif’s career was one that spanned not only decadaes but also continents. In 2003, AFI honored Sharif with a special Tribute at AFI FEST presented by Audi where the masterful actor…