Congratulations to the AFI Alumni who are Guild Award Winners! – American Film Institute


Congratulations to the AFI Alumni who are Guild Award Winners!

AFI is excited to celebrate the outstanding work of our Alumni and the incredible stories they’ve shared with audiences around the world this year. Congratulations to all of the extraordinary members of the AFI community who have been nominated by the guilds this year. We especially enjoy seeing AFI Alumni lifting one another up as artists and building professionally and creatively fulfilling collaborations throughout their careers.

Below are some of the remarkable members of the AFI Community recognized by the guilds this award season. We are so proud of all that they’ve achieved in the past year.


Writers Guild of America (WGA) Awards

Adapted Screenplay


-Siân Heder (AFI DWW Class of 2005)

Original Long Form


-Brad Ingelsby (AFI Class of 2005)


Producers Guild of America (PGA) Awards

Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures


-Siân Heder (AFI DWW Class of 2005), Writer/Director

Outstanding Producer of Limited or Anthology Series Television


-Brad Ingelsby (AFI Class of 2005), Creator/Writer


American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Awards

Episode of a One-Hour Television Series: Commercial


-Tommy Maddox-Upshaw (AFI Class of 2004)


ACE Eddie Awards

Anne V. Coates Award for Student Editing

-Guanqing Lin (AFI Class of 2022)


Art Directors Guild (ADG) Awards

Television Movie or Limited Series


-Sandra Doyle Carmola (AFI Class of 2014), Art Director

-Kate Weddle (AFI Class of 2013), Assistant Art Director

-Toi Whitaker (AFI Class of 2009), Assistant Art Director

One-Hour Period or Fantasy

LOKI (Episode: Glorious Purpose)

-Nathan Bailey (AFI Class of 2010), Assistant Art Director

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