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AFI Presents Eight New Directors

“We’re at a tipping point where we can finally imagine a world where there’s parity, where we can try to heal the world and bring it back from the brink of insanity,” said Robinson. “The thing about a tipping point is that it can easily tip back. So what I need all of you women to do is collectively go out there and kick ass with the sheer power of your voice and your will. Because we need all the weight we can muster to tip it all the way over.”

Those were the words Angela Robinson — a celebrated director/producer whose credits include HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER — addressed to graduates of the AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women (DWW), and to a growing industry of female filmmakers, in her keynote at the DWW Showcase in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 18.

The event, sponsored by Lifetime, served as an introduction to the eight DWW Class of 2017 graduates and their original work in episodic and short film storytelling: Joey Ally, Gillian Barnes, Lorette Bayle, Rosie Haber, Tannaz Hazemi, Courtney Hoffman, Maggie Mahrt and Manjari Makijany.

The DWW Class of 2018 also attended the event.

Lifetime will continue its groundbreaking commitment through its Broad Focus initiative to guarantee employment to DWW filmmakers, including the Class of 2017 filmmakers featured in the Showcase. The initiative provides women with more opportunities to write, develop, produce and direct content for the network.

Pictured above: Angela Robinson (center) with the DWW Class of 2017 (from L to R): Maggie Mahrt, Manjari Makijany, Courtney Hoffman, Gillian Barnes, Tannaz Hazemi, Joey Ally, Rosie Haber, Lorette Bayle

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