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AFI and Lifetime Team Up to Employ Female Filmmakers

AFI and Lifetime will join forces next year to create and offer production jobs for each graduate of the AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women (AFI DWW) throughout the A+E Networks’ portfolio of platforms starting with the Class of 2015.

The alliance is part of Lifetime’s Broad Focus initiative to provide women with more opportunities to write, develop, produce and direct content for the network. For over 40 years, AFI DWW has been committed to increasing the number of women working professionally in screen directing.

The shared goals between these two organizations further ensure opportunities are made available to qualified women on an equal basis.

AFI DWW alumnae and their projects created during the program have received many accolades this year: 2015 Cannes Cinéfondation First Prize winner Pippa Bianco (AFI DWW, Class of 2014) for her AFI DWW short film SHARE; Sian Heder (AFI DWW, Class of 2005), whose first feature film TALLULAH, based on her AFI DWW short MOTHER, will head to Sundance 2016; and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro (AFI DWW, Class of 2012), whose AFI DWW short SEQUIN RAZE is now the award-winning Lifetime series UNREAL.

Bios for the AFI DWW Class of 2015, pictured above, are here.

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Jifi Li

Good team

Lisa Caruso

This is great, but what about female graduates with an MFA in Directing from AFI. Will alumni also be given the opportunity to pitch and be considered or just this year’s class?

Martha Cotton

This is great – but wonder, does this mean ALL DWW grads, or just the current crop? Many of us went through the program when Lifetime was a sponsor, yet it led to no employment from that network.

Barbar Phillips

Wonderful news! Some much talent has come from the DWW & this is further recognition for these exceptional women. Good work AFI!

Beth Brickell

Why only graduates of the AFI Workshop for Women? Why not the AFI Conservatory Master’s program where I graduated as a Director Fellow? I’d like to submit a project to Lifetime. Please let me know if I would qualify for special consideration. Thank you.

Donovan Jenks / Sunrise & Associates

I encourage the creative spirit that is in side all of us, but to have the opportunity to express one self in a real life experience after school. All the KUDOS too whoever came up with this program. ( lifetime teams )

daniella nunez

is this program specifically aimed at women who attended afi? what about women who want to enter the film industry? why limit the opportunity?! isn’t that what we, as women of film, are fighting for?

Samina A Kamal

Chapeau! Fantastic!

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