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The Shawshank Redemption Film Still - Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins



Ranked #72 on AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies – 10th Anniversary edition list of the greatest American films, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION stars Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, the 39th recipient of the annual AFI Life Achievement Award.

Watch Hanelle Culpepper announce the film:

Movie Trivia about TODAY’S FILM

-DID YOU KNOW that THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION was based on Stephen King’s novella “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”?

-DID YOU KNOW Red’s cell number is 237, a numerological reference to another Stephen King movie? Room 237 in THE SHINING’s Overlook Hotel!

-DID YOU KNOW Stephen King has said he never cashed the check he received for selling the rights to the film? King later framed the check and mailed it back to director Frank Darabont with a note saying, “In case you ever need bail money. Love, Steve.”

-DID YOU KNOW that Morgan Freeman’s iconic role of Red was depicted in the original novella as Irish? His name is a reference to the color of the character’s hair!

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The movie doesn’t end at the credits: Family-friendly Discussion Questions

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-Andy murdered his wife – but we are meant to sympathize with him anyway. Can you think of any other films where the ostensible “hero” has such a flawed background?

-It was the studio that pushed director Frank Darabont to include the happy ending with Andy and Red meeting on the beach. Do you think they earned their “happily ever after”?

-What does “get busy living or get busy dying” mean to you?

-THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION was not an immediate success when it was first released, but has since become a beloved favorite for so many. How did you discover this movie – in theaters or in the years that followed? What are some other films that you missed out on when they were released, but came to love later?

-Stephen King is mostly known for his horror works, so THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION can be viewed as something of a departure for him. Are there any signs of King’s horror sensibilities in the narrative or themes? How would you rank THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION among the filmography of Stephen King adaptations?



Watch this exclusive AFI Archive clip of director Frank Darabont talking about the film:

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