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Directed by the legendary Carl Reiner and written by Academy Award® nominee Steve Gordon, THE ONE AND ONLY stars Henry Winkler as an egotistical actor hoping to make it big, and he does – in professional wrestling.

Watch Sarah Silverman announce the film:

Movie Trivia about THE ONE AND ONLY

-DID YOU KNOW that the working title for the film was GORGEOUS GEORGE? It was loosely based on the story of real-life wrestler, George Raymond Wagner. The film is a fictionalized account because the filmmakers were unable to secure the rights to “Gorgeous George’s” life story.

-DID YOU KNOW that Dustin Hoffman was first considered for the lead role which was eventually played by Henry Winkler?

-DID YOU KNOW that Kim Darby, who plays the character of Mary Crawford, starred opposite John Wayne as Mattie Ross in the original TRUE GRIT?

-DID YOU KNOW this was Steve Gordon’s first produced feature screenplay? He would later go on to write and direct the Academy Award®-winning ARTHUR, starring Dudley Moore.

-DID YOU KNOW that the TV series HAPPY DAYS halted production for one week so Henry Winkler – who played Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli on the series – could make personal appearances in Atlanta, Dallas, New York City and Philadelphia to promote the film?

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The movie doesn’t end at the credits: Family-friendly Discussion Questions

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-What moment in the film made you laugh the hardest?

-How does Winkler’s Andy Schmidt differ from his breakout role as “The Fonz” in HAPPY DAYS?

-How is his character similar to Gene Cousineau in BARRY?

-What do you think of Henry Winkler and Kim Darby’s chemistry?

-How does Andy’s larger-than-life posturing lend itself to the world of show wrestling?

-Why do you think Carl Reiner has had such an illustrious career? Why does his comedy continue to resonate for so many generations?

-How would you rate THE ONE AND ONLY?


In this exclusive AFI Archive video, director Carl Reiner talks about orchestrating comedy:

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Monica L

Never heard of this movie… thanks for putting it on the list. I think Hervé hitting on Mrs. Crawford while she tried to get her husband’s attention made me laugh the most. Obviously not a PC movie, but certainly a great glimpse of the time and has Carl Reiner’s mark all over it.

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