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LOVE & BASKETBALL, starring Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In 2015, writer/director Gina Prince-Bythewood served as an Artist-in-Residence for AFI’S Directing Workshop for Women. 

Watch LaToya Morgan (AFI Class of  2005) announce LOVE & BASKETBALL:

Movie Trivia about Today’s Film

-DID YOU KNOW that LOVE & BASKETBALL is the feature directorial debut of Gina Prince-Bythewood? The Sundance Institute helped get the film off the ground by inviting her to participate in its Directors Lab. After a staged reading of the script, there was a bidding war, which Spike Lee’s production company 40 Acres and a Mule ultimately won. 

-DID YOU KNOW Sanaa Lathan was the actress who read the part of Monica during the Sundance staged reading? The original actress got sick and Gina Prince-Bythewood asked her to fill in. 

-DID YOU KNOW it was important to the filmmakers that the female lead had believable basketball skills? Gina Prince-Bythewood auditioned more than 700 people for the part and it came down to Sanaa Lathan – who had no prior basketball experience – and Niesha Butler, a star player at Georgia Tech. She paired Lathan with a basketball coach for two months and Butler with an acting coach. Lathan ultimately won the role. 

-DID YOU KNOW when Gina Prince-Bythewood wrote Monica’s character, she was inspired by the basketball players she studied and idolized as a kid – Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson, Dawn Staley and Sheryl Swoopes? 

-DID YOU KNOW that Olympic athlete Marion Jones auditioned for the role of Monica? 

-DID YOU KNOW that Kyla Pratt, who played Monica as a young girl, was known for her Nike WNBA commercials at the time of production? 

-DID YOU KNOW Dennis Haysbert was not interested in playing a character who cheats? Ultimately, he loved the father/son relationship between Quincy and Zeke so much that he accepted the role. 

-DID YOU KNOW that the filming locations ranged from the affluent Baldwin Hills neighborhood to Ladera Heights to Inglewood to depict an upper-middle-class narrative that wasn’t prevalent in many black films at the time? 

-DID YOU KNOW in Gina Prince-Bythewood’s original script, Monica and Quincy went to UCLA? The director was a Bruin, but she opted for USC when UCLA declined to be a filming location. 

-DID YOU KNOW that Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan previously starred together the year before in the film THE WOOD? 

-DID YOU KNOW the original script ended with the scene in which Monica and Quincy reconcile? Bythewood wrote the draft before the WNBA was founded in 1996. 

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The movie doesn’t end at the credits: Family-friendly Discussion Questions

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-The film is structured after the four quarters of a basketball game. What effect does this have on the narrative? What other parallels are there between basketball and life? 

-Have you ever had to choose between love and your vocation? 

-How does LOVE & BASKETBALL reframe and redefine what it means to be female and more specifically a black female athlete? What are your favorite films about female athletes? 

-Actress Sanaa Lathan had dance training, but no prior basketball skills before shooting LOVE & BASKETBALL. Did you find her convincing as an athlete onscreen? 

-How is Monica and Quincy’s relationship tested over the course of the film? What preconceived notions about gender, race and sports do they have to overcome? 

-What did you think of Monica’s relationship with her mother, Camille (Alfre Woodard)? How does it evolve throughout the film? 

-What does the discovery of his father’s cheating mean to Quincy? How does it affect his relationship with Zeke and Monica? 

-How does the film portray nuanced depictions of black men, particularly when it comes to how supportive Quincy is of Monica and her career? How is the ending unconventional? 

-Why do you think LOVE & BASKETBALL has become a cult classic? What is its legacy 20 years onward? 

-How would you rate LOVE & BASKETBALL? 

Watch an exclusive video from the AFI Archive in which writer/director Gina Prince-Bythewood talks about making the film.

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