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CALL ME BY YOUR NAME was honored with an AFI AWARD in 2017 – recognizing it as one of the 10 outstanding films deemed culturally and artistically representative of the year’s most significant achievements in the art of the moving image – and was the Centerpiece Gala screening at AFI FEST 2017 Presented by Audi.

In this exclusive AFI Archive video, director Luca Guadagnino talks about making CALL ME BY YOUR NAME.


Movie Trivia about CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

DID YOU KNOW the film was based on André Aciman’s acclaimed debut novel “Call Me by Your Name,” published in 2007? 

DID YOU KNOW CALL ME BY YOUR NAME had only a single rehearsal? Director Luca Guadagnino told the film’s stars they would select a random page in the script – ultimately selecting the scene in which the characters are intimate in the grass. In fact, Guadagnino had not chosen the page randomly but was using it to break the ice between the actors. 

DID YOU KNOW the picturesque Italian villa where the film was shot did not include the fountain around which many key scenes between Elio and Oliver took place? Production designer Samuel Deshors added the fountain to the villa’s property. Other notable visuals added specifically for the production were the orchard and the pergola on the patio. 

DID YOU KNOW the author of the film’s source material makes a cameo appearance in the film? After a scheduling conflict with other actors, “Call Me by Your Name” author André Aciman stepped into play Mounir – half the academic couple that visits for dinner at the villa. His partner in the scenes was played by the film’s producer, Peter Spears. 

DID YOU KNOW the scene in which Elio confesses his feelings for Oliver at the World War I memorial took only one long take to shoot? 

DID YOU KNOW in preparing for his role as Elio, Timothée Chalamet learned how to play the piano, the guitar and speak Italian? Chalamet arrived five weeks early to Creman, Italy, so that he had time to work on them – for four hours each day! – before shooting began. 

DID YOU KNOW according to Armie Hammer, the toughest scene he filmed in the movie was the dance sequence? An ‘80s dance coach was brought to work with Hammer and Timothée Chalamet for the scene – and while filming occurred, they had to dance with the music very quiet so the dialogue could be recorded.  

DID YOU KNOW to immerse himself more into Elio’s complex feelings in the film’s final scene, Timothée Chalamet wore an earpiece and listened to music? The song was the same one that played over the scene in the final film – “Visions of Gideon” by Sufjan Stevens. 

DID YOU KNOW screenwriter James Ivory and star Timothée Chalamet both broke records when receiving their Academy Award® nominations for CALL ME BY YOUR NAME? Ivory was the oldest person to be nominated for Best Screenplay and Chalamet became the youngest actor to be nominated for Best Actor in a leading role in 80 years. 

DID YOU KNOW both Timothée Chalamet and Michael Stuhlbarg were in multiple films in 2017 that received an Academy Award® nominations for Best Picture? In addition to CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, Chalamet was also in LADY BIRD – and Stuhlbarg appeared in both THE SHAPE OF WATER and THE POST. 

DID YOU KNOW that Luca Guadagnino is planning to shoot a sequel to CALL ME BY YOUR NAME with both Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer set to return? Guadagnino says that the new film will recognize the AIDS epidemic’s toll in a way CALL ME BY YOUR NAME didn’t address.    


The movie doesn’t end at the credits: Family-friendly Discussion Questions

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-How does the picturesque environment help enhance the story of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME? How does it help in Elio and Oliver’s developing relationship? 

-What is the significance of the question, “Is it better to speak or to die?”  

-Are there signs that Elio and Oliver were attracted to each other from the beginning of the movie? 

-What is the significance of the title?  

-Why was Elio’s proposed “truce” significant to their relationship? 

-Why does Elio choose to wear the Star of David around his neck? 

-Why does Elio call Marzia even though he has feelings for Oliver? 

-What is Marzia trying to articulate to Elio when she tells him the she had read the book of poems he gave her and that she is not mad at him? 

-Why do you think Elio’s parents are supportive of Oliver and Elio’s relationship? 

-What do we learn about Mr. Perlman when he confides in Elio at the end? How is his exploration of his sexuality different generationally compared to Elio’s? 

-Why do you think the decision was made to move the timeline up and not address the AIDS epidemic? What do you hope the sequel, which will delve into this subject, conveys about the LGBTQ community during this time? 

-What do you think Elio is contemplating during the final sequence of the film? How did the original song played in the final sequence, enhance the emotion of the scene? 

-How would you rate CALL ME BY YOUR NAME? 


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Hard to believe its been nearly 3 years since Vancouver International Film Festival screening. I spent a full 10 months anticipating it and have now seen it many, many, many times. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t think about it. What a spell this movie cast.

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