Watch: Ang Lee on 3D as an Art Form – American Film Institute


Watch: Ang Lee on 3D as an Art Form

During a recent Harold Lloyd Master Seminar for AFI Conservatory Fellows moderated by Dean Susan Ruskin, Academy Award® winner Ang Lee discussed the making of his latest 3D film GEMINI MAN starring Will Smith and his hopes for the nascent film technology. The master storyteller believes “3D is not visual effects. It’s a language… I think with technology we are chasing our imagination.”

LIFE OF PI, Lee’s first film in 3D, earned him an Academy Award ® for Directing, but he said that he felt – even after directing two more films using the technology – there is a lot to learn and do to perfect the art of 3D filmmaking, including working with a higher frame rate to using natural lighting to a different style of acting. Lee knows it will be a long journey, but he had a message for the next generation of filmmakers in the audience, “I think the time is right. I think this generation is there to grasp it. This your medium. This is your world. Let’s see what you can do with it.”

Lee encouraged the Fellows to experiment and see how they can connect with this new media, “It has a different touch to it.”


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