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The New American Film™ Is Here

You might have noticed that things look a little different around here. Because, well, they are. Welcome to the new and improved American Film™.

This new format isn’t a remake, spin-off or even a sequel. Think of it as a reboot.

First, the things that won’t change: We’ll continue to post quality content about movies past and present, including exclusive artist interviews, videos from the AFI Archives, quizzes, features – and much more.

And now, what’s different: We’re expanding our focus to include not only movies, but television, as well. This will be a haven for those who appreciate good storytelling and the art of the moving image – no matter the format. And we invite you to interact more fully as the community that you are, so feel free to talk about the articles we publish in the new comments section. We want to hear from you.

You’ll get all of the above, more often than ever before.

Past issues of American Film™ magazine are still available here. We’re excited about the new American Film™  and we hope are, too.

Happy movie-watching – and happy reading!

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I’m so excited about the new American Film!

James Sellmen

I was wondering if you will still have the daily list as that is very fun and enjoyable to have daily trivia questions and birthday puzzles. It is a lot of fun for me to read this section of the American film.

I also hope you guys will do the AFI 100 movie lists on television as I always looked forward to these specials.

Long Live AFI Viva La Cinema


    You can still find the quizzes on the home page of Enjoy!

Ann fairbank

Fabulous format!!! Who’s the web designer/developer?

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