The 2021 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Honors AFI Alumni – American Film Institute


The 2021 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Honors AFI Alumni

AFI is excited to announce that AFI Conservatory Alum Haley Hope Bartels (AFI Class of 2019) was named one of the 10 Academy Nicholl Fellowship finalists this year for her script “Pumping Black.” The prestigious international screenwriting competition, held by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, identifies and champions talented new artists, with up to five finalists each year receiving a $35,000 fellowship. The 2021 winners will be announced in the coming months.

Congratulations to Haley Hope Bartels for this outstanding accomplishment and all of the AFI Alumni listed below who were honored as Semifinalists and Quarterfinalists by the Academy in 2021.



– Haley Hope Bartels (AFI Class of 2019), “Pumping Black”



– Wilandrea Blair (AFI Class of 2020), “West Women”

– Steven Gregory Alan Crawford (AFI Class of 2017), “The Great Emu War”

– Scout Cripps (AFI Class of 2021), “Stolen”

– Christina (Chris) Kingsleigh Licud (AFI Class of 2019), “Daughters”

– Marisé Samitier (AFI DWW Class of 1998) “African Harvest”

– Anna Vecellio (AFI Class of 2021), “Looking Glass”



– Omer Ben-Shachar (AFI Class of 2018), “Unfit”

– Rafael Diez Uriarte (AFI Class of 2021), “Love is Hell”

– Neil Ferron (AFI Class of 2020), “Fishmonger”

– Ariane Hahusseau (AFI Class of 2020), “The Unfinished Sonata”

– Henry Hughes (AFI Class of 2014), “Human Terrain”

– Isabella Issa (AFI Class of 2019), “Yellow Girl and Me”


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