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AFI DOCS 2015 Sneak Peak: Watch Exclusive Clips

AFI DOCS starts June 17, 2015 and we can’t wait for the festival to begin. Below is an early look at three of the many great documentaries screening this year. Watch these exclusive clips — from DRONE, FIRST AND 17 and TYKE ELEPHANT OUTLAW — right now. And remember, tickets and passes are on sale now….

The AFI DOCS Interview: TYKE ELEPHANT OUTLAW’s Susan Lambert and Stefan Moore

In 1994, the world watched as Tyke the circus elephant rampaged through Honolulu, Hawaii after mauling her trainer to death. Yet few who knew the animal’s history — and the inhumane treatment she received in the off-season — were shocked. Performing-animal abuse isn’t new and continues to make big waves. The film TYKE ELEPHANT OUTLAW…