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Remembering AFI Alumnus and Producer Steve Golin

With the passing of Academy Award®-winning film and television producer Steve Golin (AFI Class of 1981) on April 21, Hollywood lost a visionary filmmaker who championed nuanced and deeply human storytelling. Golin served as a beacon of creative risk-taking, innovation and entrepreneurism in the entertainment industry. In 1986, he founded Propaganda Films, a talent management,…

Congrats to AFI Conservatory Alumni on Their Oscar-Winning Films

AFI is proud to highlight the AFI Conservatory alumni featured in the 88th Academy Awards®, which followed an unprecedented awards season run for AFI graduates. Producer Steve Golin (AFI Class of 1981) received the Best Picture Oscar® for SPOTLIGHT. The film’s credits also include cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi (AFI Class of 2002) with a special thanks to Pulitzer…