James Wong Howe – American Film Institute
Hud Film Still - Paul Newman

AFI Movie Club Artist Spotlight: HUD Cinematographer James Wong Howe

Acclaimed Chinese-American cinematographer James Wong Howe earned an Academy Award® – his second, and his eighth of 10 nominations – for his striking black-and-white work on HUD. An artist and an innovator with iconic work dating from the silent era of cinema into the 1970s, he was named among the top 10 most influential cinematographers in the history of the art form by the International Cinematographers Guild in 2003. Celebrated and sought after...

DID YOU KNOW? This cinematographer was nominated for a record-breaking 10 Academy Awards® for Best Cinematography, winning twice for THE ROSE TATTOO (1955) and HUD (1963).

In a fifty-year career that spanned the transition from silent film to sound and color, Chinese-American cinematographer James Wong Howe filmed over 130 feature films and pioneered camera technologies, including deep focus, wide-angle lenses and hand-held cameras. Howe also directed three features, beginning with CHIJKU WO MAWASURU CHIKARA (1930), the little-known, first Japanese-language sound film made in Los Angeles….