Edward James Olmos – American Film Institute

AFI Movie Club: COCO

Pixar’s Academy Award®-winning COCO was brought to afterlife by countless artists and craftspeople – among them, Edward James Olmos, an AFI Honorary Degree recipient and longtime AFI Trustee.  Movie Trivia about COCO DID YOU KNOW?   Throughout the production, Pixar also worked with a team of cultural advisers, including Marcela Davison Aviles, playwright Octavio Solis and political cartoonist…

AFI Movie Club: SELENA

A biopic of the beloved, Grammy® Award-winning Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, SELENA stars Jennifer Lopez in the lead role, alongside Edward James Olmos – an AFI Honorary Degree recipient and longtime AFI Trustee.   Movie Trivia about SELENA ​-DID YOU KNOW that Selena’s family chose to make the movie as a pre-emptive strike since other unauthorized films about…