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Inception Film Still - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

INCEPTION (2010) – AFI Movie Club

From writer/director Christopher Nolan, the mind-bending – and instantly iconic – dreamscapes of INCEPTION were realized for the screen by cinematographer Wally Pfister (AFI Class of 1988). The film was honored in 2010 with an AFI AWARD, recognizing it as one of the year’s most outstanding achievements in the art of the moving image – with...
Memento Film Still - Guy Pearce

AFI Movie Club: MEMENTO – Become an AFI Member and Watch for Free

Want to watch MEMENTO for free! Become an AFI Star member or above and you can now watch complimentary AFI-curated films with our on-demand video streaming service, Kanopy. Each month, a selection of new titles will be added, and members will have unlimited views to titles! JOIN TODAY MEMENTO, Christopher Nolan’s breakthrough film, was also the…

Filmmakers, Nation’s Leaders and AFI Celebrate 50 Years

On Wednesday, November 1, AFI celebrated its 50th anniversary with a Gala dinner in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC — commemorating the Institute’s roots in the nation’s capital, and 50 years of partnership with the Library of Congress (LOC). See photos below. The evening’s program included remarks from Morgan…