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POSSIBILIA: Encouraging the Audience to Interact with the Story

One of the interactive films featured in the State of the Art technology showcase, POSSIBILIA, is directed by the Grammy®-nominated filmmaking duo The Daniels (TURN DOWN FOR WHAT, 2014). The film’s interactive storytelling transforms viewers into active participants in the contentious relationship of two young lovers named Paulina and Rick.

Playing in the Cinema Lounge in The Hotel Roosevelt, POSSIBILIA recounts the story of the young couple facing turmoil after four years together. The film presents the audience with options in a choose-your-own-adventure style, starting with two choices, progressing to 16 at the film’s climax, and closing with two.

Enveloping the audience in a story told across parallel universes, POSSIBILIA breaks the mold of storytelling, offering a plethora of viewpoints and possibilities for the couple’s quarrel to follow. Each option features a completely distinct experience, whether the couple is laughing over a predicament in the yard or angrily yelling as they smash pictures and furniture.

POSSIBILIA is a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves audience members curious to see all of the options that the story could have followed. Whether the audience follows the couple through the garden, through their memories of Halloween or in a destructive explosion in the bedroom, Paulina and Rick close in the same position as they opened, calmly discussing their relationship at the dining table.

Experience POSSIBILIA at AFI FEST at the Hollywood Roosevelt through November 12. Watch the teaser below.

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