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Licorice Pizza Film Still - Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim


LICORICE PIZZA (2021) – AFI Movie Club

“LICORICE PIZZA offers a slice of life from the past that serves as a soaring reminder for the present – that joy lives each day in the eternal quest to ‘come of age.’ Paul Thomas Anderson invites us back to his ’70s San Fernando Valley with the assurance of America’s greatest auteurs. His commitment to image, music and story creates a masterwork of nostalgic humanity – one embodied by two relative newcomers in Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman, whose chemistry is undimmed by the brilliant talent that surrounds them amidst the vast sparkling lights of the valley.” -The American Film Institute, AFI AWARDS 2021

Writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson’s cinematic hangout was brought to the screen by fellow cinematographer – and AFI Alum – Michael Bauman (Class of 1992) who shot the film alongside Anderson. The film’s crew also included Melinda Sue Gordon (AFI Class of 1980) as a still photographer.


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Will Hume

This is one of those movies you don’t really like but you’re glad exists because it stirs movie discussion. I wish the film has Bradley Cooper smashing those windows with weegies like in the actual film.


Writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson must have a sixth sense, i.e., recognizing and nurturing the humanity in his characters. I am a total fan and absolutely adored this film. Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman have created feeling, thinking, passionate human beings who I was rooting for throughout the film. The desire to see the film overcame my fear of covid and I saw it in a movie house on the big screen! Thank you Paul Thomas Anderson for all you have created for us over the years! I loved this film!

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