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First-Ever AFI Conservatory EXPO Will Showcase 30 Thesis Films

The first-ever AFI Conservatory EXPO, a one-day festival showcasing 30 thesis films from the Class of 2017, will take place Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 9:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. on the AFI Campus in Los Angeles.

The event will introduce the AFI Conservatory’s most recent MFA graduates to leaders of the film and television community. The filmmaking teams behind each thesis film will be present at the EXPO along with additional AFI Conservatory alumni, faculty, Fellows and staff. The EXPO is sponsored by VIZIO — the official home theater sponsor of AFI.

All of the shorts will screen twice throughout the day. To learn more, visit the EXPO website.

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Crescenzo Notarile, ASC, AIC

Excited to attend…


I love a comfortable hoodie and these look so cute! Expo too far for me to attend but would love to win a hoodie ! Thanks for the chance to win some expo goodies!!

Crescenzo Notarile, ASC, AIC

Curious to see how these young ‘whipper-snappers’ plant their cinematic seeds, and to follow their blossoming careers… Always a joy to see creative force unfold and take shape in our industry… Bravo AFI and ‘Maestro’ Lighthill…
– Crescenzo Notarile, ASC, AIC

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