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Contribute to the Legacy of the AFI

The Estate of Scott L. Lange recently bequeathed the American Film Institute a generous gift in support of our work. An AFI member since the 1970s, Scott had wanted to contribute to AFI’s mission of educating and inspiring artists and audiences alike.

In a heartfelt letter, Scott’s wife Linda said that she and Scott “support [AFI’s] mission and are proud to be able to contribute” and fondly recalled the couple attending the AFI theater at the Kennedy Center early on in their marriage. Scott came from a family of cinephiles and was actually given his middle name Leslie after classical Hollywood actor Leslie Howard (GONE WITH THE WIND, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL). His father directed industrial films and television commercials, and family lore has it that Tippi Hedren was cast in one of his first commercials – which led to her discovery by none other than Alfred Hitchcock. Scott was also a filmmaker, directing films and videos for The American Red Cross and AT&T before becoming a top announcer and narrator in Cincinnati, OH.

Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support for AFI, while achieving your own philanthropic and financial goals. If you’re interested in making a gift or would like more information, please email Peter Indall at [email protected].

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Clint Smith

My prayers go out to the Lange family. An amazing career and a lasting legacy.

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