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Celebrating The Life Of Mike Nichols

Genius is a word oft overused in our world, but not in the case of Mike Nichols.

His artistry spanned all forms of modern storytelling – movies, television and the stage – and his gifts across five decades will continue to inspire artists and audiences alike in the decades to come.

AFI presented him the Life Achievement Award in 2010, and it remains our honor to have gathered his friends and colleagues for an evening in celebration of him and his countless contributions to the art form.

Nichols passed away this week at the age of 83. Watch the below short highlight video from the Life Achievement ceremony, in which everyone from Julia Roberts to Meryl Streep to Robin Williams pay tribute to the acclaimed filmmaker.

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Eric Blair

Genius? Far from it, his filmography peaks after his first three films and the rest are filled with dull self importance and horrendous pacing. Highly over rated but very active in areas (NY, LA) where he received plenty of exposure as a member of the beautiful people with a celebrity wife. What Planet are you From? The Fortune, Biloxi Blues, Wolf and Regarding Henry are not the work of genius but a dull oh so proper hack.

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