AFI Young Women in Film Participants Premiere Films at Showcase – American Film Institute


AFI Young Women in Film Participants Premiere Films at Showcase

Congratulations to this year’s AFI Young Women in Film participants who premiered their films at a showcase on the AFI Campus today. The red carpet event was hosted by AFI, and filmmakers and their families, along with AFI Fellows and Faculty who mentored the filmmakers during the nine-week workshop, screened the short films in the AFI Mark Goodson Screening Room, followed by a reception.

The 2022 participating schools were ICEF (Inner City Education Foundation) View Park Preparatory High School, Immaculate Heart, Synergy Quantum Academy High School and Atascadero High School (San Luis Obispo County).

“We are incredibly proud of the young filmmakers who participated in this year’s AFI Young Women in Film intensive,” said Susan Ruskin, Dean of the AFI Conservatory and EVP of the American Film Institute. “Now more than ever, it is vital to teach the younger generation the importance of making their voices heard and the incredible impact their stories can have in moving culture forward.”

The event’s keynote speaker was Tiffany Johnson (AFI DWW Class of 2018). An NAACP Image Award-nominated director on the rise, Johnson has directed award-winning short films, music videos, a segment for Netflix’s Strong Black Lead and multiple episodes of television including DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, TWENTIES, BOOMERANG, THE LAST O.G., BLACK MONDAY, SOLOS and the new HBO Max documentary THE BEAUTY OF BLACKNESS.

In her address to the young filmmakers, Johnson said, “One of the greatest gifts I received at my time at AFI wasn’t just the lessons from my mentors or instructors, it was the love and support from my sisters who were on this journey with me. They have become my tribe. I urge you to be inspired by your sisters, support them, encourage them, and at times, lean on them. Your journey does not have to be traveled alone.”

Young Women in Film participants learn the art of filmmaking, with training in pitching, screenwriting, producing, production design, directing, cinematography and editing — all with state-of-the-art cinematic technology. All six short films from the participants are available to watch below.

The Young Women in Film intensive is made possible in part by support from AT&T, the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and Canon Burbank.

AFI Young Women in Film 2022 Projects:


Cherry finds herself having to navigate her own depression as she also tries to communicate her feelings to her sweet Aunt Rose.

Written by Flor Bracamontes, Maeve Keller, Ella Kim, Jackie Llamas, Hazel Navarette and Grace Ortega; Directed by Flor Bracamontes and Grace Ortega; Produced by Hazel Navarette; Cinematography by Maeve Keller; Production Design by  Jackie Llamas;  Sound by Hazel Navarette; Script Supervisor: Jackie Llamas


Sierra, a new college freshman, is trying her best to get ready for a party that she’s going to be late to, but the only thing stopping her is a call from her Mom!

Written by Jasmine Aranda, Michelle Hernandez, Hannah Sagheb, Sasha Williams and Yeimy Zacarias; Directed by Hannah Sagheb; Produced by Jasmine Aranda; Cinematography by Sasha Williams; Production Design by Michelle Hernandez; Sound by Michelle Hernandez; Script Supervisor Yeimy Zacarias


One late Friday night in the school library, high school seniors Jones and Blue, discover that they’re locked in with unnerving paranormal activity and they must find an escape before their 8 a.m. exam!

Written by Abigail Chang, Rece Garcia, Lucy Kite, Jasmine Machado, Veronica Mason and Amelia Tankenson; Directed by Rece Garcia and Veronica Mason; Produced by Abigail Chang and Amelia Tankenson; Cinematography by Lucy Kite; Production Design by Rece Garcia; Sound by Jasmine Machado; Script Supervisor Abigail Chang


After Mel deals with skin cancer for so long, her friend Chris decides he will make her feel at peace again.

Written by Carolyne Kariuki, Anna Lilly, Leslie Orellana and Alana Risbrudt; Directed by Leslie Orellana; Produced by Carolyne Kariuki, Anna Lilly, Leslie Orellana and Alana Risbrudt; Cinematography by Anna Lilly; Production Design by Leslie Orellana; Sound by Carolyne Kariuki; Script Supervisor Alana Risbrudt


Lilith a new lighting tech is trying her best to get the cues right, but when her grumpy lighting partner goes missing, she realizes she’s alone with a shadowy figure that may get the best of her.

Written by Isabella Arias, Camila Deras, Mallory Griffith, Sheyda Ramirez and Delaney Rice; Directed by Camila Deras; Produced by Camila Deras and Delaney Rice; Cinematography by Mallory Griffith and Delaney Rice; Production Design by Isabella Arias; Sound by Sheyda Ramirez; Script Supervisor Delaney Rice


As Mike searches for his sister Leah’s diary, he realizes there’s much more to be discovered in her room.

Written by
Sabrina Camua, Aryanna Fernandez, Guadalupe Luna-Martinez, Kitty Roche and Sophie Schwartz; Directed by Guadalupe Luna-Martinez and Kitty Roche; Produced by Aryanna Fernandez and Sophie Schwartz; Cinematography by Sophie Schwartz; Production Design by Aryanna Fernandez; Sound by Sabrina Camua; Script Supervisor Guadalupe Luna-Martinez

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