AFI Remembers AFI Catalog Editor Patricia King Hanson – American Film Institute


AFI Remembers AFI Catalog Editor Patricia King Hanson

Today, AFI pays tribute to Patricia King Hanson (January 9, 1947-May 8, 2019), Executive Editor of the AFI Catalog who devoted over a quarter century to leading its prestigious, rigorous history-telling.

Roughly 90% of silent films are considered lost, according to the Library of Congress. Lost, but not forgotten. America’s cultural legacy has endured to this day due to AFI’s fifty-year commitment to preserving detailed information about each and every film released during the first century of American filmmaking, in the AFI Catalog of Feature Films. Long before IMDb, the AFI Catalog established the gold standard of comprehensive and authoritative movie data, paving the way for film research and preservation worldwide. As the official document of record, the AFI Catalog has facilitated rediscoveries and restorations across the globe. Look at any film history bibliography and you are guaranteed to see references to AFI.

Pat’s innumerable and distinguished contributions ensured that American film history remains at everyone’s fingertips for future exploration. Her rich knowledge has been canonized in countless publications, and her graceful countenance has been immortalized in many DVD commentaries, but her greatest influence can be seen throughout the AFI Catalog, in which her fingerprints are forever inscribed. Pat passed away one year ago today, but just like the 60,000 movies she documented, she is lost but never forgotten.

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