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The Omen Film Still - Harvey Stephens


AFI Movie Club: THE OMEN

AFI named Richard Donner’s horror classic THE OMEN one of the most thrilling films in cinematic historyA massive success, the film starred two of the biggest names in Hollywood at that time – Lee Remick and AFI Life Achievement Award honoree and founding chairman Gregory Peck. 


Where to stream THE OMEN

THE OMEN – Reelgood


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A.L. Hern

After the initial box office returns of the first “Omen” films, producer Harvey Bernhard and Fox announced that it would be followed by four sequels, all of which would constitute an epic “Omen” pentalogy culminating in the defeat of the Antichrist.

Diminishing box office receipts from the second film caused Fox to scale back that pledge to a total of only three theatrical films (there was a fourth film made for television).

BTW, sorry Dick, the release date was June 6, 1976, not 1966. And since it was June 6, some smart guy in the Fox Publicity Department really ought to have marketed it as “D (for Damien)-Day.”

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