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“Documentaries open up a window to a world that is lived, and in my opinion there is no purer storytelling than that.” -Miles Hargrove, director of MIRACLE FISHING


For Hargrove, the inspiration to share this very intimate and emotional experience with the world came from the love of the group that helped his family in their time of most desperate need – “Team Tom.”

“Our next-door neighbors, the Greiners, rushed immediately to our aid from day one. My best friend in Colombia, Robert, who was 22 at the time, became our communicator on the radio – negotiating directly with the FARC,” said Hargrove. “My mom’s dear friend, Linda, flew from Peru to lend much-needed moral support. For Oscar, the FBI agent in charge of our case, it became personal. My uncle, Raford, worked tirelessly from the United States to support our endeavor on the ground…I felt that it was my duty to share their story of selflessness with the world. It was nothing short of remarkable, and I wouldn’t rest until I finally told our story the right way.”

MIRACLE FISHING screened at AFI DOCS 2020.


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Debra Shults Upchurch

I am a relative of Maude and Rob Hargrove. As a child I believe we visited them in Rotan. Not sure. Tom was never there and as a young girl I have memories of someone saying oh he’s flying off somewhere. Maybe he was in the military, I thought. Family names Me-Debra Shults, my mom was Georgia Hardy Shults and father, Coye. Great grandparents were Howards. But it seemed like everyone was a Howard. I read and saw Proof of Life. I can’t wait to see Miracle Fishing.

Debra Shults Upchurch

My relatives in Rotan. Maude and Rob Hargrove. I knew about Tom as a young girl but he was never there when we were passing through. My family names: Shults, Howard, Hardy and I believe Hargrove.

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