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DILEMMA OF DESIRE, the latest film from two-time Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker Maria Finitzo, follows a motley crew of unstoppable women, comprised of artists, educators, scientists, strippers and sex toy designers, who have made it their mission to dismantle internalized sexism and begin to repair the dissociated relationships many women have to their own bodies.


The inspiration for Finitzo was a book about the science of female sexual desire with women as subject. “The conclusion was women have as robust a sex drive as men, they are simply told lies about it to reinforce patriarchal structures,” said Finitzo. “I was very interested in figuring out how to make a film about all of the obstacles women face – all human beings really – in having agency over their desire…I hope [audiences] walk away believing in Sophia Wallace’s 29th Law of Cliteracy – ‘All bodies are entitled to experience the pleasure they are capable of. ’”

DILEMMA OF DESIRE is screening at AFI DOCS on June 21.  Following the film, watch a recorded discussion with director Maria Finitzo and subjects Rebecca Baruc, Umnia Khan, Jasmine Sims, Sophia Wallace and Sunny. Get your ticket here.

“Documentary filmmaking at its best is a tool of democracy. It harnesses the power of storytelling by introducing us to people we’ve never met, places we’ve never been, giving us the opportunity to hear someone else’s story. The more voices we hear, the better. Within the act of telling lies the possibility of empathy and where the real power of documentary filmmaking rests. Empathy fosters understanding and understanding opens the door for connection and when we all come together, we just might be able to change the world.”  - Maria Finitzo, director of DILEMMA OF DESIRE

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