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AFI DOCS 2021: Sports Films

Now in the lead-up to the Euro cup, in the heat of NBA playoffs and closing out the French open, there is no question that June is an exciting month for sports, and with the AFI DOCS 2021 film festival just around the corner, we are here to remind you that June is an even more exciting month for sports documentaries! From the indigenous tradition of alligator wrestling to karate in senior homes, these incredible documentaries about all your favorite and soon-to-be favorite sports, will take you on the field and inside the ring to present a new perspective on these incredible athletes and their stories.


Athletes at the Maryland School for the Deaf defend their winning streak while dealing with the loss of a friend. They face pressures of entering the hearing world in this coming-of-age story. SCREENS AS PART OF SHORTS PROGRAM 6 – Buy Ticket


A whistle. The crowded stands of the stadium roar. Players protest angrily. Announcers follow the action on the field. In the middle of it all is the referee. SCREENS AS PART OF SHORTS PROGRAM 2 – Buy Ticket


Teen karate pro Jeff Wall teaches senior citizens self-defense at a local nursing home, giving them the tools to feel in control, connected and cared for. SCREENS AS PART OF SHORTS PROGRAM 1 – Buy Ticket


Alligator wrestling, considered a staple of Florida tourism, is a dangerous spectacle that has been performed by members of the Seminole Tribe for over a century. SCREENS AS PART OF SHORTS PROGRAM 5 – Buy Ticket


LFG is an inspiring and intimate documentary following the U.S. women’s national soccer team as it files a class-action, gender discrimination lawsuit against the team’s employer, the U.S. Soccer Federation. Buy Ticket


Three courageous female wrestlers, Luchadoras, confront crises in their personal lives and present strength in their community of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where women are all too often abused, kidnapped or murdered. Buy Ticket


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