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AFI Archive Takes Center Stage in New Book About Hollywood’s History

Released today, “Hollywood: The Oral History” written by Jeanine Basinger and Sam Wasson was assembled from AFI’s treasure trove of interviews and “reveals a fresh history of the American movie industry from its beginnings to today.”

The book’s authors noted that the AFI Archive is unparalleled in the depth and breadth of its recorded history of Hollywood. Using the records collected and protected by the AFI Archive, the book includes insight from the people behind the scenes – the insiders – whose stories have been archived by the American Film Institute.

Below are just a few of the videos from the thousands and thousands of hours of videos and interviews exploring the entire history of American film that can be found in the AFI Archive. Subscribe to AFI’s YouTube Channel, Instagram and TikTok to view even more.

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Thank you.

Elias Savada

One of the better aspects of AFI’s existence, but
it’s sad that the AFI needs to try to convince folks it has an Archive. Back in August 2008, The American Film Institute execs saw fit to shut down, without warning or negotiation, their Washington, DC Preservation office, housed in the Library of Congress’ Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division — and simultaneously dismissed trained staff. Apparently, their reasoning was that preservation was playing a lesser role in the Institute’s mandate. This, despite the then AFI’s on-line declaration:
The American Film Institute (AFI) is the preeminent national organization dedicated to advancing and preserving film, television and other forms of the moving image. AFI’s programs promote innovation and excellence through teaching, presenting, preserving and redefining this art form……AFI coordinates the preservation of America’s great film heritage through its AFI Film Collection held at the Library of Congress and other American archives….
Once word got out, the AFI erased all references on its website to its role in film preservation.

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