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AFI and Spotlight Cinema Announce Exclusive Cinema Partnership

Collaboration Will Present Rare Archival Footage
to Audiences Across the Nation

Spotlight Cinema Networks and AFI announced an exclusive yearlong partnership to showcase rare and never-before-seen footage from the AFI Archive within Spotlight’s pre-show entertainment to upscale exhibitors and independent film theaters nationwide in October.

Each month, AFI will produce new segments that release vintage treasures housed in the AFI Archive and present them to movie-goers across the country. The AFI Archive includes historic moments with master filmmakers, insights from American screen icons and much more.

The inaugural October preshow will feature stories about the making of the classic thriller NORTH BY NORTHWEST as told by the “Master of Suspense” himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

Spotlight Cinema Networks’ preshow informs, engages and entertains sophisticated moviegoers with a modern, elegant feel with luxe color tones. Their rotating preshow entertainment includes one to three short films with a mixture of movie trivia, exhibitor interstitials, and cinema advertising.

“Our partnership with AFI allows our sophisticated, nationwide audience to enjoy their history of iconic films and directors during our popular preshow,” said Michael Sakin, President of Spotlight Cinema Networks. AFI’s content is a natural fit for us. We’re especially pleased to offer it exclusively to our network of art house and luxury exhibitors around the country.”

“The mandate of the American Film Institute is to educate and inspire,” said Bob Gazzale, AFI President and CEO. “Our partnership with Spotlight gives us a unique opportunity to do both by opening the AFI Archive to enrich the theater-going experience across the nation.”

See the pre-show at the following theaters across the country:

Presidio Theatre: San Francisco, CA
Pruneyard Dine-in Cinemas: Campbell, CA
Vine Cinema & Alehouse: Livermore: CA
Cinepolis Luxury San Mateo: San Mateo, CA
Downtown Centre Cinemas: San Luis Obispo, CA
Admiral Theatre: Seattle, WA
Landmark Crest Cinema: Seattle, WA
Landmark Plaza Frontenac: St. Louis, MO
Landmark Tivoli Theatre: University City, MO
Landmark Bethesda Row: Bethesda, MD
Landmark E Street Cinema: Washington, DC
Landmark Atlantic Plumbing: Washington, DC
Landmark West End: Washington, DC
Cinepolis Luxury Gaithersburg: Gaithersburg, MD
Angelika Film Center Mosaic: Fairfax, VA
Angelika Film Center Pop-Up: Washington, DC

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Dawn Riordan

You should make this program, (Rare Archival Footage) available to those truly independent cinemas represented by the League of Historic American Cinemas. This would be an awesome way to bring your Archival stuff to independents who really need to program, who specialize in this type of unique material. It would introduce AFI to those people in the fly-over who aren’t near a city hub, a Landmark Cinema or other Indy chain. Please consider this. leagues of American Theaters is easily found on the internet,

John Friedman

So, what about Chicago. We have the Music Box Theater, an independent theater that has run film festivals. We have the Gene Siskel Film Center which is also independent. There are others. Don’t leave us out.

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