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The AFI Conservatory Online Theater Is Here

Do you want to see the kind of dynamic filmmaking that takes place on the AFI Campus? Now you can because we’re bringing these movies straight to you.

We’ve put together a public archive of films created by alumni of the AFI Conservatory and the AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women (DWW) and we’ve christened it the AFI Conservatory Online Theater. This is the first time these films are all in one place and, starting today, are available for rental or purchase.

Unique among the world’s film schools, the Conservatory creates approximately 100 films annually. Fellows at the Conservatory are active filmmakers — each make four to 10 movies during their two-year training under the guidance of masters in the art form. Upon graduation, these artists enter the workforce as members of an elite community of only 4,716 alumni who report that over 80% are working in their fields and frequently at award-winning levels. In over the past decade alone, 37 alumni have been nominated for Academy Awards® and in the past 18 months, 119 alumni were involved in 75 award-winning films and television programs such as GAME OF THRONES, INTERSTELLAR, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, TRUE DETECTIVE and UNBROKEN.

The first batch of films in the Online Theater will be those from the class of 2012 and include the multi-film festival award-winning MACHSOM and director Sarah Gertrude Shapiro’s SEQUIN RAZE, the basis for the new Lifetime television series UNREAL. Films from earlier class years will be added every six months. Among the notables who appear in the current collection of movies are Brooke Shields and Rumer Willis.

Upcoming films include Maggie Kiley’s DWW film SOME BOYS DON’T LEAVE, which stars Jesse Eisenberg, and THE CHILI CON CARNE CLUB which is directed by Jonathan Kahn and stars Mel Gibson and Kristy Swanson.

Look through the films in the Online Theater, view a trailer, pick a film and watch what kind of great filmmaking happens at AFI.

Above image: Mireille Enos in Stephanie Martin’s WILD HORSES, available to view in the AFI Conservatory Online Theater.

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