TATUM O’NEAL – American Film Institute
Paper Moon Film Still - Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal

PAPER MOON (1973) – AFI Movie Club

The story of a con man and his unlikely accomplice during the Great Depression, PAPER MOON (1973) was directed by Hollywood maverick Peter Bogdanovich – the iconic filmmaker, journalist and scholar who was a longtime friend of the American Film Institute. An essential voice among other great artists who helped to articulate AFI’s educational mission...

Did You Know? This Film – Released 44 Years Ago This Month – Stars Tatum O’Neal in her First Role After Winning an Oscar®

Tatum O’Neal had previously been prevented by her father, actor Ryan O’Neal, from accepting any lead roles until the age of 16. But after she became the youngest person to win an Oscar® at age 10 for her debut performance in PAPER MOON (1973), she was hired to star in THE BAD NEWS BEARS for a…