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DID YOU KNOW? The AFI Catalog’s Newest Initiative Is Named After A Lost Film From 1928

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, the AFI Catalog has been rapidly expanding its stores of information regarding the foundational influence of female filmmaking in the silent era—and making it accessible for free at Behind the camera and in front, women were prolific contributors to the establishment of narrative cinema, but their names have…

DID YOU KNOW? This Film Was Released 100 Years Ago This August – The Same Month Women’s Suffrage Was Finally Ratified Into Law

HER HONOR THE MAYOR (1920) tells the story of young lady who is elected mayor over her misogynist opponent, the town’s District Attorney. The movie was based on a successful 1918 play by Arline Van Ness Hines, who imagined a world in which women could vote well before this right was secured by Congress with the…