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Stranger on a Train Film Still - Farley Granger and Robert Walker

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951) – AFI Movie Club

Adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s novel by screenwriters Raymond Chandler, Whitfield Cook and Czenzi Ormonde, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951) was directed by “Master of Suspense” – and AFI Life Achievement Award honoree – Alfred Hitchcock. A twisted story of two strangers trading murders to avoid suspicion, the iconic noir appears on the American Film Institute’s...

DID YOU KNOW? This Prolific Mystery Writer Was Born 100 Years Ago This Month. Her First Novel Was Adapted Into Various Productions for Stage and Screen, Including the Alfred Hitchcock Classic STRANGERS ON A TRAIN

In addition to creating fictional—and cinematic—serial killers such as Tom Ripley, she wrote the lesbian opus The Price of Salt, which provided the source material for Todd Haynes’ 2015 hit CAROL. Patricia Highsmith was born on January 19, 1921, to a mother who later claimed she tried to abort the pregnancy and to parents that divorced ten…