ryan murphy – American Film Institute

HOLLYWOOD Reimagines a More Inclusive Industry

With the recent release of Ryan Murphy’s fantastical new miniseries HOLLYWOOD, audiences have been treated to a revisionist look at what the film industry would have been like if it had it become more equitable in the ’40s. The show revolves around the fictional production of MEG, a twist on the tragic tale of 24-year-old…

Watch: Ryan Murphy on FX’s AMERICAN CRIME STORY and the Half Foundation

During his recent visit to the AFI Conservatory as part of the Harold Lloyd Master Seminar series, television artist Ryan Murphy discussed his work as an executive producer of FX’s AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE V. O.J. SIMPSON — and as a storytelling entrepreneur. Murphy addressed AFI Fellows with a candid introduction of his new foundation Half, an all-inclusive initiative to offer…