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DID YOU KNOW? This Film Was Released 100 Years Ago This August – The Same Month Women’s Suffrage Was Finally Ratified Into Law

HER HONOR THE MAYOR (1920) tells the story of young lady who is elected mayor over her misogynist opponent, the town’s District Attorney. The movie was based on a successful 1918 play by Arline Van Ness Hines, who imagined a world in which women could vote well before this right was secured by Congress with the…

The AFI DOCS Interview: THE DIPLOMAT’s David Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke was a crucial diplomatic negotiator for two Democratic presidents, but his charisma and his talent for foreign policy also came with a brashness that earned him nicknames such as “The Bulldozer.” Through the eyes of Holbrooke’s filmmaker son David Holbrooke, THE DIPLOMAT examines a career with global reach and unquestioned historical impact. Holbrooke’s…