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AFI Movie Club: UP

The hit film UP chronicles the poignant story of Carl Fredricksen, an aging widower who attempts to fulfill his late wife Ellie’s dream to travel to the beautiful South American destination of Paradise Falls. The movie, which features the vocal talents of Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer and newcomer Jordan Nagai as Pixar's first lead Asian character, was honored with an AFI AWARD in 2009, recognizing it as one of the 10 most outstanding...

AFI Movie Club: COCO

Pixar’s Academy Award®-winning COCO was brought to afterlife by countless artists and craftspeople – among them, Edward James Olmos, an AFI Honorary Degree recipient and longtime AFI Trustee.  Movie Trivia about COCO DID YOU KNOW?   Throughout the production, Pixar also worked with a team of cultural advisers, including Marcela Davison Aviles, playwright Octavio Solis and political cartoonist…