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Out of Sight Film Still - Jennifer Lopez

OUT OF SIGHT (1998) – AFI Movie Club

Equal parts romance, crime and comedy, director Steven Soderbergh’s OUT OF SIGHT (1998) features an all-star cast that includes Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Albert Brooks and Dennis Farina – anchored by the dazzling chemistry of its two central stars, Jennifer Lopez and AFI Life Achievement Award honoree George Clooney. The film was written by AFI...

Kayla Emter on Editing HUSTLERS, Crafting a Strong Female Perspective and Being Inspired by OUT OF SIGHT

Based on Jessica Pressler’s 2015 New York Magazine article, HUSTLERS follows strippers-turned-conwomen Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) and Destiny (Constance Wu) who band together in the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession. To make ends meet, the women turn to drugging and running up the credit cards of their wealthy Wall Street clientele. Earning rave reviews out…