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Blazing Saddles Film Still - Cleavon Little

BLAZING SADDLES (1974) – AFI Movie Club

Ranked by the American Film Institute among the greatest filmed comedies of all time, BLAZING SADDLES (1974) was co-written and directed by AFI Life Achievement Award honoree Mel Brooks, who also appears in a dual role. Of the film’s placement on AFI’s list – at #6 – Brooks has said, ““I am so angry at...
Paper Moon Film Still - Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal

PAPER MOON (1973) – AFI Movie Club

The story of a con man and his unlikely accomplice during the Great Depression, PAPER MOON (1973) was directed by Hollywood maverick Peter Bogdanovich – the iconic filmmaker, journalist and scholar who was a longtime friend of the American Film Institute. An essential voice among other great artists who helped to articulate AFI’s educational mission...
What's Up, Doc? Film Still - Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal

AFI Movie Club: WHAT’S UP, DOC?

From director Peter Bogdanovich comes WHAT’S UP, DOC? – a hilarious madcap escapade and a loving homage to not only the Looney Tunes cartoons that inspired its title but also the screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s. The film earned honors on two of AFI’s lists of great American cinema – including among the funniest films of all time and...
Young Frankenstein Film Still - Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle


YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is ranked by AFI as one of the funniest in cinematic history. Directed by AFI Life Achievement recipient Mel Brooks, this iconic comedy features an unforgettable sequence in which Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle perform the duet “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” which AFI ranked as #89 on the list of greatest movie songs…