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AFI Catalog Spotlight: HARLAN COUNTY, U.S.A.

In honor of Labor Day, AFI celebrates HARLAN COUNTY, U.S.A. (1976), Barbara Kopple’s Oscar®-winning documentary that follows a violent miner’s strike in a small Kentucky town, capturing the passion, bravery and hard-fought victories of workers as they attempt to unionize. HARLAN COUNTY, U.S.A. was made possible in part by a $10,000 Independent Filmmaker Grant from...

DID YOU KNOW? Labor Day Edition: This Film Was One Of The First To Depict Union Disputes From The Worker’s Perspective And Broke New Ground By Casting Mexican Americans In Leading Roles And Advocating For Gender Equality

SALT OF THE EARTH (1954) tells the story of Mexican American women who protest the perilous working conditions of their miner husbands. They defy the men’s subjugation to fellow “Anglo” workers and rally against their indentured servitude in a town owned by a mining company. When the strike is successfully settled and the men return…