Katy Jurado – American Film Institute
On the right side, there is text that reads "AFI Catalog Spotlight Katy Jurado." On the left side is an image of Katy Jurado from a promotional picture of the film San Antone (1953)

Katy Jurado – AFI Catalog Spotlight

This January, the AFI Catalog shines a spotlight on Mexican actress Katy Jurado, who would have celebrated her 100th birthday this month. Her second American film, HIGH NOON (1952), received vast critical acclaim and remains today on seven of AFI’s Lists, including the 100 greatest movies of all time, as well as making her the...
HIGH NOON film still of Grace Kelly

HIGH NOON (1952) – AFI Movie Club

Starring Grace Kelly and Gary Cooper – both recognized by the American Film Institute as two of the greatest screen legends of all time – HIGH NOON (1952) earned accolades across seven of AFI’s iconic lists, including the 10th anniversary edition, the greatest scores and songs, greatest thrills, most inspiring screen stories and greatest heroes....