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Spotlight Interview with AFI Thesis Pitch Chair James Costa

AFI recently held its inaugural Thesis Pitch event, spearheaded by Kerry Toolan, AFI’s Interim Chief Advancement Officer, and James Costa, the Chair of the Task Force. Costa is a film producer whose credits include the award-winning WELCOME TO CHECHNYA, P.O.V.’s AND SHE COULD BE NEXT, CALL HER GANDA and the upcoming A DECENT HOME and...

Member Spotlight: AFI National Council Member and Documentary Filmmaker James Costa

With AFI DOCS 2020 just weeks away, we spoke with AFI National Council member and documentary filmmaker James Costa about which documentaries inspire him and the power of documentary storytelling to serve as a catalyst for social change. Costa has several high profile documentaries soon to be released, including the Sundance award-winning WELCOME TO CHECHNYA…