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Meet the 11 New Auteurs of AFI FEST

New Auteurs is the juried competition section of AFI FEST.  The films, all made by first- or second-time filmmakers, represent some of the best of world cinema from new voices we’re excited to hear more from in the future. We spoke with each of these 11 filmmakers about their films, and what they hope AFI FEST…

The AFI FEST Interview: IXCANUL Director Jayro Bustamante

Jayro Bustamante’s hypnotic debut feature IXCANUL is Guatemala’s first-ever submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar® — and one of the 11 films screening in the New Auteurs section at AFI FEST 2015. It follows a young Mayan woman living at the base of a volcano, who becomes pregnant outside of an impending arranged…