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Did You Know? This Julie Andrews Film is the 6th Highest-Grossing Movie Ever

THE SOUND OF MUSIC, which premiered 55 years ago this month, remains the 6th highest-grossing movie ever with adjustment for inflation. Released in 1965, the film remained in theaters for over a year and surpassed GONE WITH THE WIND as the highest grossing film at the time. THE SOUND OF MUSIC was adapted from the…

Celebrate GONE WITH THE WIND’s 75th Birthday With This Video

On December 15, 1939, GONE WITH THE WIND premiered in Atlanta and went on to win eight Academy Awards®. Seventy-five years later, we’re still giving a damn and marveling at this epic feat of filmmaking that was way ahead of its time. In this new exclusive video from the AFI Archives, filmmakers Martin Scorsese, Faye Dunaway,…