Gary Oldman – American Film Institute
TRUE ROMANCE film still

TRUE ROMANCE (1993) – AFI Movie Club

Featuring an all-star ensemble that includes Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman and Christopher Walken, director Tony Scott’s TRUE ROMANCE (1993) was written by AFI Honorary Degree recipient Quentin Tarantino. Visit the AFI Catalog to learn more about TRUE ROMANCE. Have Get The Picture delivered to your inbox every day. SIGN...
THE DARK KNIGHT film still

THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) – AFI Movie Club

Directed by Christopher Nolan, featuring cinematography by AFI Alum Wally Pfister (AFI Class of 1988) and starring AFI Life Achievement Award honoree Morgan Freeman opposite a stellar cast led by Christian Bale and a transformative performance from Heath Ledger, THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) was recognized in the year of its release with an AFI AWARD...
AIR FORCE ONE film still of Harrison Ford

AIR FORCE ONE (1997) – AFI Movie Club

When Air Force One is hijacked by terrorists, the President himself must take matters into his own hands to regain control of the plane and rescue the hostages in AIR FORCE ONE (1997). Director Wolfgang Peterson’s action thriller features a commanding central performance from AFI Life Achievement Award honoree Harrison Ford, as well as supporting...
MANK film still of a man holding a spotlight

MANK (2020) – AFI Movie Club

A look back into cinema history from one of today’s great practitioners of the art form, David Fincher’s MANK (2020) was recognized in the year of its release with an AFI AWARD, naming it among the most outstanding motion pictures of year. According to the official rationale, “MANK opens the doors to Xanadu for all...
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Film Still - Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson


With the conclusion of the saga in 2011, the HARRY POTTER series as a whole was honored with an AFI Special Award, recognizing it for its significance to the cultural landscape. According to the official rationale, “THE HARRY POTTER SERIES marks the final triumphant chapter of a landmark series; eight films that earned the trust...
Mank Film Still - Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried

AFI Movie Club: AFI AWARDS Honoree MANK

"MANK opens the doors to Xanadu for all who love the movies. A true work of art from all angles, this majestic look back at the making of CITIZEN KANE challenges black and white assumptions about art and authorship, creativity and collaboration. David Fincher is today’s titan who takes on this telling of titans past...