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Valley Girl Film Still - Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman

AFI Movie Club: VALLEY GIRL (1983)

Starring Nicolas Cage as the punk and Deborah Foreman as the title character, the Romeo and Juliet story with an ‘80s twist, VALLEY GIRL, was brought to audiences by director and AFI Trustee Emerita Martha Coolidge and shot by cinematographer Frederick Elmes (AFI Class of 1972). HOW TO WATCH Where to stream VALLEY GIRL (1983)...
Blue Velvet Film Still - Isabella Rossellini


Appearing on the American Film Institute’s lists of cinema’s greatest thrills and greatest villains, the strange and nightmarish narrative of BLUE VELVET was brought to the screen by writer/director David Lynch and cinematographer Frederick Elmes – both alumni of the AFI Conservatory. HOW TO WATCH Where to stream BLUE VELVET BLUE VELVET - Reelgood GET...

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and Frederick Elmes on Filming HUNTERS and Advice for Aspiring Filmmakers

Growing up on the Texas/Mexico border in the ‘80s, director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s (AFI Class of 1995) first introduction to the work of legendary cinematographer Frederick Elmes (AFI Class of 1972) was a worn-out VHS tape of BLUE VELVET. Describing Elmes’ filmmaking as “hypnotic,” Gomez-Rejon continued his initiation with other films shot by Elmes – ERASERHEAD,…

AFI Honors Cinematographer Frederick Elmes

Celebrated cinematographer Frederick Elmes (AFI Class of 1972) will receive the 2017 Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal. This honor recognizes the extraordinary creative talents of an AFI alumnus or alumna who embodies the qualities of filmmaker Franklin J. Schaffner: talent, taste, dedication and commitment to quality storytelling in film and television.