Elliot Page – American Film Institute
Inception Film Still - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

INCEPTION (2010) – AFI Movie Club

From writer/director Christopher Nolan, the mind-bending – and instantly iconic – dreamscapes of INCEPTION were realized for the screen by cinematographer Wally Pfister (AFI Class of 1988). The film was honored in 2010 with an AFI AWARD, recognizing it as one of the year’s most outstanding achievements in the art of the moving image – with...
Juno Film Still - Elliot Page

AFI Movie Club: JUNO

JUNO was recognized with an AFI AWARD as one of the most outstanding motion pictures of 2007. According to the official rationale, “deep inside JUNO is the tiny but true heartbeat of American film. Director Jason Reitman has an extraordinary control of tone, shifting sympathies and a clear respect for the fully realized characters created by...