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AFI Alum Deniese Davis Discusses Producing and the Inaugural AFI Alumni Council

After graduating from the AFI Conservatory, Deniese Davis (AFI Class of 2012) launched her career producing music videos, short films and digital content, including Issa Rae’s award-winning web series THE MIS-ADVENTURES OF AWKWARD BLACK GIRL. In 2014, she teamed up with Rae to form ColorCreative, a management company which provides access and opportunities for diverse…

AFI Announces Newly Formed AFI Alumni Council

AFI announced today the newly formed AFI Alumni Council, an advisory group of AFI Alumni that will guide career development and community engagement for AFI Alumni and provide leadership to galvanize AFI filmmakers across the industry to work together to affect change. The establishment of the Alumni Council is yet another step in improving the…

The AFI Interview: AFI Alumna Deniese Davis on INSECURE

Deniese Davis (AFI Class of 2012) is a producer on HBO’s INSECURE, which returns for its second season on July 23. AFI spoke with Davis to talk about her work on the show, which also features director/executive producer Melina Matsoukas (AFI Class of 2005).