chris milk – American Film Institute

Announcing AFI FEST Tech Showcase VR and Panels

AFI has revealed the Tech Showcase lineup for AFI FEST 2017 presented by Audi.  The Tech Showcase will include a selection of 360-degree, virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive short film experiences representing a cross-section of what’s currently possible in this new cinematic medium.  The Showcase will be on display November 11–14 at The Hollywood Roosevelt,…

The AFI FEST Interview: VR Artist Chris Milk

This year, AFI FEST presented by Audi invites attendees to sample emerging technology in the exciting arena of immersive storytelling and Virtual Reality (VR). A highlight of this section is Chris Milk’s EVOLUTION OF VERSE from, a photorealistic, CG-rendered 3D Virtual Reality film that takes the viewer on a journey “from one beginning to…